Ai Photo Expend Capcut Template

Ai Photo Expend Capcut Template – Right now a video is going viral in which you must have seen that there is a small photo of you and it expands and becomes bigger. How it happens, whether you know it or not, we will tell you. This photo is created with the help of a template and it is capcut template. I have given the link of this template in this article. You can find out yourself by watching the videos of those templates. What kind of video will you like? The template is very simple. If you want to create a video then I will tell you the process. If you follow, your video will be ready easily. I have also added its link in this article. Follow whatever procedure you feel is right.





How To Use Ai Photo Expend Capcut Template

And from our website you will also be told how you can use any template. Whatever it is. We have provided our template on the website. We will tell you how you can make a good video by using it, so follow whatever we are telling you line by line below.

  1. First of all you have to look in the article, you are given a red colored button.
  2. You will get different buttons for all the templates which template you like. You have to click on the button below it.
  3. After that your capcut will open. There you will be shown a video that this type of video is yours.
  4. Now here is one thing you have to pay attention to if your link does not work. Whatever link we gave, it will not work sometimes.
  5. In that situation, you have to use VPN because these links do not work in India.
  6. After that you click on the button. You will then have a capcut and like I said, the video will be visible there.
  7. Now see, there is a use option there also. Earlier you used option to get that small one. Now he got quite big. Now you have to click there.
  8. After that your gallery opens. There you have to select whatever photo or video you want.
NEW TEMPLATE LINK -  Animal Movie CapCut Template


Ai Photo Expend Capcut Template

And in this you saw that it asks for a special permission, as if it says that to upload your photo in its database, if you want to create this video, then you will have to give that permission so that it can upload your photo in the database. Will do. From then on it will extend your photo. If you don’t give permission. Then your video will not be created.

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